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Question and answers for our services

Response time of 48 hr. Our support office is available Monday to Saturday.

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Instant response time from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 8pm.


Instant response time from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 am to 8:00 pm.

For Students

How can i search libraries near me?

You can search the libraries via locations. Just enter the location on our homepage and you will get the list of libraries in that location.

How do I book a library?

You can view any partner libraries profile and click on Book a Seat. You have to fill your details along with your date and time of the visit to that library. Choose any package of that library or you can book a FREE TRIAL for a day to visit there before buying any package. Note- Please carry an original Photo ID proof of yours during the visit to the library.

Are all the libraries listed on your platform are verified?

Yes, we list libraries on our platform after verifying their location and contact number. However, if in future any library listed on our platform discontinued/shutdown, we request you to give feedback for the same.

What are the additional benefits i can avail after booking a library through you?

First and most important benefit is that you can view any libraries profile without even going there and also book that library on a discounted price. Also, you do not have to mention your timings manually as it can happen via simple scanning of our QR code at the library. Easy access to all nearby partner libraries.

Can I book any library on your platform?

No, You can book only our partner libraries through us. However, you can contact to any library on our platform.

What are your partner libraries?

Those verified libraries which are working with us towards the benefits of students and are ready for the concept of our master packages. You can book them directly via book my library.

What are your verified libraries?

All the libraries listed on our platform are verified libraries. You can view their profile but can not book them directly. However, you can contact any library on our platform.

Do I need to carry an ID proof during my visit to the library?

Yes, you have to carry your AADHAAR CARD/VOTER ID/DRIVING LICENCE or any other valid Photo ID proof issued by Govt of India or its subsidiaries. If you fail to provide any Photo ID proof to the librarian, they can cancel your seat.

For Library Admin/Librarian

What are your registration charges?

There is NO registration charge for listing of your library profile on our platform. Making a Profile of your library and listing of it on our platform is completely FREE.

How do I list my library on your platform?

You have to create a profile of your library on our platform with complete details. We will verify your library location and facilities before activating the profile.

How Many days will it take to activate my library profile?

Once you complete your profile, our representative will meet you at your library for verification within 3-5 working days. After verification, your profile will be activated.

How would you help me in growing my business?

  1. We do marketing of your profile via various methods, Also, we show your complete details to every user so that they can contact you directly.
  2. We provide you complete management system for your library. You will have the reports of each and every student FEE, LOCKER, ENTRY/EXIT, ISSUED BOOKS,DOCUMENT SUBMITTED etc.
  3. You will get the notification regarding ENTRY/EXIT of each student Daily.
  4. You dont have to worry about FEE anymore. You will get the notification for every student whoever package is going to end. Each student will get the notification from our end 3 days before the package will end.